Financial General Directorate


General Director Police Quaestor  Grecu Răzvan

Deputy General Director Police Chief-Commissioner Cretu Andrei Lucian

Acting Deputy General Director Police Chief-Commissioner Rață Mihai Ștefan


Financial General Directorate is the financial and accounting specialized body within the Ministry of Internal Affairs


  • drafts and substantiates the budget of income and expenditures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, funds the structures, coordinates and supervises the entire economical-financial activity of all authorizing officers according to law;
  • endorses, from the preemptive financial control point of view, prior to their submission for approval to the Ministry’s management, draft orders, instructions, internal regulations whenever they imply expenditures as well as for other operations ordered by the Minister;
  • drafts and assesses quarterly and annual financial statements on the execution of income and expenditures’ budget of MIA;
  • draws up draft accounting-financial Orders and Guidelines of the Minister related to the payment of entitlements due to the personnel;
  • includes the funds granted by the non-reimbursement European programs and other post-accession credit facilities in the budgets of the MIA’s authorizing officers both on the non-reimbursement funds and on national public contribution;
  • provides guidance and performs internal audit, based on specific procedures, regarding the use of public funds allocated through the budget of MIA’s authorizing officers;
  • endorses the establishment of the accounting-financial structures within the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • provides necessary documentation for cohesive use of IT software for data processing in order to calculate and pay the entitlements due to the personnel as well as for budgeting-accounting activities;
  • certifies, according to the requirements and responsibilities assigned by the national and European legislation, the non-reimbursement funds granted through the quota set aside for Schengen acquis from Schengen Facility, Schengen Flows and Cash Flows and through the „Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows” General Programme;
  • drafts and executes the budget of the main authorizing officer.