General Directorate for Human Resources Management


Acting General Director – Police Chief-Commissioner Valentin MINOIU

Acting Deputy General Director – Police Chief-Commissioner Sorin CONSTANTINESCU

Deputy General Director – Smaranda-Ramona PĂLAN



The General Directorate of Human Resource Management is the specialised unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) Headquarters, which guides, coordinates, controls and monitors the activities in the field of human resource management carried out by specialized structures or by designated personnel within the units of the MIA, with general material and territorial jurisdiction in its field of activity.


 formulates the human resources strategy and policies on recruitment, selection, employment, initial and further training, assessment of individual professional performance and conduct, career, motivation, compensation as well as on the management and processing of digital data, job analysis and human resources planning, organisational management, occupational safety and health, as well as planning, organizing and controlling their implementation; coordinates the planning of the strategy and policies regarding initial and further training of personnel;

 ensures, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force, the employment of necessary personnel in order to fill the positions specified in the organisational charts, according to its responsibilities;

 organizes and conducts diagnosis and projection surveys in its field of responsibility;

 initiates and/or draws up draft regulations for the uniform implementation of the human resources and occupational safety and health strategies, policies and procedures within MIA’s units;

 ensures the digitalisation of its activities and the operation of the specialized IT system, in order to substantiate the decisions regarding the human resources management;

 participates, by providing specialists, in the inspections and controls of the units ordered by the Minister of Internal Affairs, as well as to the specific controls;

 participates in international cooperation programmes in its area of responsibility;

 organizes and participates, as needed, at exhibitions, workshops, symposia, exchanges of experience and other national or international technical and scientific events in its fields of responsibility;

 coordinates, controls and evaluates measures for updating and upgrading the human resources management system;

 implements and verifies, through its classified information security structure, the compliance with the legal provisions in the field of classified information management, at the level of the General Directorate;

 enforces compliance with legal regulations concerning the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data in its area of responsibility;

 drafts the methodology for issuing the identifications and security clearance documents to be used in MIA’s premises and monitors its implementation;

 coordinates the organization and execution of the annual performance assessment/appraisal of MIA’s personnel;

 manages the MIA’s human resources planning in accordance with the institutions’ needs;

 organizes and keeps records of MIA’s personnel on active duty;

 organizes and carries out the data management activities concerning reservist and retired personnel, as well as war veterans;

 formulates drafts of administrative provisions and specific documents for the appointment and career/employment management for the personnel appointed by MIA’s management and from the MIA’s HQ, according to the regulations in force;

 acts as competent authority in the field of labour inspection within MIA through its labour inspection compartment;

 coordinates, provides methodological guidance and controls the activity of labour inspectors with regard to employment relationship and occupational safety and health at the level of general inspectorates or their equivalents;

 draft and submits, annually, to the management of MIA, reports on labour inspection activity regard to employment relationship and occupational safety and health;

 substantiates, drafts and submits to MIA’s management the draft Government’s Decision for the approval of the organizational chart of MIA;

 assesses the staffing needs of MIA and draws up the necessary documentation and draft regulations for filling or downsizing the maximum number of allocated positions as well as to make changes in the structure of the positions;

 formulates, based on consultations with the main institutions/structures subordinated to MIA, the draft Government Decisions regarding the establishment of the paygrade cathegories and grading quotients, by professional/military rankings, for the positions occupied by policemen/military personnel;

 drafts instructions and methodological regulations regarding the activity of structural planning and organizational management within MIA’s units and ensures their further development, in order to improve the activity in its area of responsibility;

 assesses the feasibility of the organizational charts of MIA’s units, submits recommendations for their establishment, restructuring or optimization and monitors the enforcement of state discipline;

 endorses the regulations for the organization and functioning of MIA HQ and general inspectorates/equivalent’s structures, submitted for approval, according to the law, by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Secretaries of State or Secretary General;

 drafts the documents for allocation and adjustment of budgeted positions for the MIA’s institutions/structures, according to the regulations in force;

 organizes and carries out support, guidance and control activities at the level of MIA structures, according to its responsibilities.


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