General Directorate for Logistics


Acting General Director – Police Chief-Commissioner Ion PELIGRAD

Acting Deputy General Director – Police Chief-Commissioner Alina HANG



The General Directorate for Logistics coordinates, guides and controls the activities in the field of logistics and investment planning, real estate management, supply and maintenance of mobility means, weaponry and specialised equipment, technical development, standardization and regulations, logistics and environmental protection at the level of all Ministry’s units; provides the logistical support for the units of the Ministry’s HQ funded by the Main Authorizing Officer, as well as for its subordinate units which do not have their own logistics structure, according to its responsibilities.


General Directorate for Logistics is organized on a two-tier structure: Headquarters and subordinate structures.

Headquarters’ main responsibilities:

 Manages the logistical system in its area of expertise during peacetime and, in cooperation with the central specialized structures, when a curfew or emergency is instituted, or mobilization or war is declared, initiates measures for its restructuring and upgrading;

 formulates the unified strategy for supplying MIA’s units with modern technical facilities and equipment in order to ensure compatibility, in this regard, with similar structures from the member states of North Atlantic Treaty Organization and European Union in peacetime and, in cooperation with the central specialized structures, when a curfew or emergency is instituted, or mobilization or war is declared;

 provides specialized coordination, guidance and control at the level of territorial logistics facilities established in case mobilization or war is declared;

 drafts the requests for logistical products and services, necessary for the structures of the Ministry’s HQ, in order to substantiate the draft Plan for Mobilizing the National Economy for Defence, through its subordinated structures with responsibilities in the field;

 formulates preliminary draft legislative acts for the cohesive implementation of the strategies, policies and procedures in its area of responsibility;

 develops medium and long-term strategies in its field of responsibility;

coordinates the updating of the public and private state domain inventory registered with the Ministry of Public Finance;

 controls logistical structures within MIA’s units in order to ensure the cohesive and proper implementation of the internal and higher level regulations in this area;

 formulates, based on the proposals submitted by the general inspectorates and the units outside their structure, depending on the approved budgetary allocations, multiannual programmes regarding the supply of structures with weaponry and special equipment;

 coordinates the conducting of physical-chemical and laboratory tests and shooting range weapons tests in order to determine the technical stability reserve of the batches of hazardous materials stored at the MIA’s units;

 analyses the proposals for the supply of means of transportation submitted by the central structures, the general inspectorates and the units outside their structure, on the basis of which, where appropriate, substantiates proposals for draft logistics programmes;

 ensures the management of scientific research, standardization, industrial property protection as well as information exchange with the Member States and the European Commission on technical regulations and MIA’s specific products;

 keeps an unified cadastral records for all state-owned buildings, administered by MIA;

 manages the database for the entire real estate patrimony administered by the institution and generates data overviews of its own information system;

 monitors and controls the application of the legal provisions regarding the real estate patrimony and environmental protection within all MIA’s units;

 elaborates unitary methodologies for supplying and feeding the personnel, applicable to all MIA’s units;

 establishes the amount of the annual equipment entitlement quota for all categories of military staff and police officers;

 periodically updates the amount of food ration stipends in line with the other public institutions within the Defence, Public Order and National Security System;

 surveys the implementation and operation of the quality control system and its components regarding MIA’s investment objectives;

 verifies and controls the implementation of the provisions of the legislation in force regarding the design, authorization, execution, operation and subsequent use of the buildings;

 establishes the policies in the investment field, according to the provisions of the Government Programme and Law no. 69/2010, on the Fiscal-Budgetary Accountability, reissued;

 coordinates, guides and controls the investment programming activity within MIA and is responsible for drafting, updating and monitoring the implementation of the annual and multiannual public investment programmes of the MIA;

 manages the budget allocated to the Main Authorizing Officer for the capital expenditures funded from the sources under the responsibility of the General Directorate and, in this respect, implements the activities provided for by Law no. 500/2002 on public finances, amended and supplemented;

 analyzes, endorses and submits to the approval of the Main Authorizing Officer the Annual Procurement Programme for MIA’s HQ, including subsequent amendments and supplements;

 cooperates, within its areas of responsibility, with the General Directorate for European Affairs, Schengen and International Relations for the organization and implementation of its International Relations Plan;

 participates in internal and inter-institutional working groups in order to analyse and recommend solutions to logistics-related issues;

Subordinate structures – main responsibilities:

 provide logistical support to the structures of the Ministry’s HQ as well as to other units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs which do not possess their own logistical structure, according to the responsibilities assigned by Order of the Minister of Internal Affairs;

 ensure the procurement of goods, works and services for the Main Authorizing Officer, as well as centralized procurement of goods, works and services for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, according to the responsibilities assigned by Order of the Minister of Internal Affairs;

 elaborate the technical-economical documentation for investment objectives and alteration of existing buildings and monitors the technical implementation of the solutions included;

 performs topographical measurements for the drafting and updating of cadastral documents, in order to ensure the quality level required by the national legislation, for the entire real estate patrimony of MIA.

Audience Schedule:

Director General – Police Chief-Commissioner Ion PELIGRAD: Wednesdays, 14.00-16.00h

Deputy Director General: Thursdays, 14.00-16.00h