General Directorate for Operational Management


General Director – Police Quaestor Ștefan SĂVULESCU

Acting Deputy General Director – Police Chief -Commissioner Florian DRAGNEA


The General Directorate for Operational Management (G.D.O.M.) is a unit within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, without legal personality, subordinated directly to the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Bucharest’s Garrison Command of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which has its own Regulation for Organisation, Functioning and structure, is a subordinated unit of G.D.O.M.

G.D.O.M.’s personnel include policemen – special status civil servants and military staff, to whom the provisions on rights and obligations, under the Law no. 360/2002 of the Policemen Statute, amended and supplemented and the Law no. 80/1995 of the Military Personnel Statute, amended and supplemented are applicable.

Anniversary Day

The Anniversary Day of G.D.O.M. is on 22nd of June – as established by the Article no. 2, paragraph (1), subparagraph 11, of the Minister of Internal Affairs Order no. 176/2012 (amended and supplemented) concerning the award of honorary names and establishment of anniversary days for certain structures within the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


 G.D.O.M. is organised and functions based on the provisions of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 30/2007 on the organisation and functioning of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, approved by Law no. 15/2008, amended and supplemented, Government Decision no. 417/2007 on the organisational chart and personnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, amended and supplemented, Government Decision no. 1,152/2014 on the organisation, functioning and structure of the National Centre for the Management of the Public Order Operations and its Regulation on the organisation and functioning.

 G.D.O.M. carries out activities in the fields of: structural planning, procurement and resources, management of special situations, management of data and intelligence, risk assessment, missions and joint operations planning, monitoring the operational situation, coordinating emergency and special situations, geographical support of the missions, intelligence integration, inter-institutional cooperation, managing specific documents for the Supreme Council for National Defence, strategic analysis, regulations, institutional assessment, provision of seals and stamps bearing the Romanian coat of arms as well as any other tasks assigned to its responsibility, stipulated by other regulations.


G.D.O.M. carries out primarily the responsibilities stipulated in the Government Decision no. 1,152/2014 on the functioning and structure of National Centre for the Management of the Public Order Operations, published in the Official Journal of Romania, Part 1, no. 965/December 30th 2014 as well as main responsibilities stipulated by the Regulation for organisation and functioning of G.D.M.O. as follows:

 provides the necessary regulatory frame to elaborate the norms for procurement during peace time and during mobilisation for MIA’s units as well as the annual/multi-annual resources planning documents at the MIA’s level;

 is responsible for the regulations, management and coordination of the activities at the level of MIA to enable units to transition from peace time operational status to special situations;

 provides the decision support in the field of structural planning, according to the law, based on relevant strategies concerning specific activities of MIA’s units, operational situation analysis and the economical-social status, in correlation to specific missions;

 manages the activities on risk assessment, strategic and operational planning of the missions carried out independently or jointly with other institutions, and of the exercises and drills conducted for assessing the operational capacity of MIA’s structures in their field of responsibility;

 monitors the operational situation, coordinates the joint missions of MIA’s units, during special and crises situations which may occur in the area of Public Order and Emergency Situations, manages its IT systems as well as provides geographical support for the missions through the procurement, storing and managing of geospatial data;

 provides the technical secretariat of the National Centre for the Management of the Public Order Operations (N.C.M.P.O.O.);

 ensures the cooperation between MIA’s units and the institutions/authorities within National System for Defence, Public Order and National Security as well as with other state’s institutions, in its area of responsibility, and the management of specific documents regarding the activity of the Supreme Council for National Defence;

 ensures the intelligence processing and data analysis related to phenomena, incidents or activities with a potential major impact on citizens’ security, using analytical means, in order to support the decision making process at the strategic level or which can be used as operational support for the integrated management of missions, during special and crises situations;

 ensures the analysis, verification, monitoring and assessment of the manner of in which MIA structures carry out their tasks and activities stipulated by planning documents/regulations/legislative priorities in the field of Public Order and National Security;

 ensures, at the level of the General Directorate, legal assistance and coordination of the activities for drawing up draft normative acts, standards and procedures as well as other specific norms, according to its responsibilities.

Contact details:

Address: Piaţa Revoluţiei no.1A, Sector 1, Bucharest