Medical Directorate


Director: Police Chief-Commissioner Iosif-Marius MEDRUŢ M.D.
Deputy Director: Police Chief-Commissioner Dorinela URSULEANU M.D.


The Medical Directorate is the central unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs which organizes, coordinates, guides and controls all human and veterinary medical and sanitary activities in MIA’s units, in order to ensure health, maintain the exercise capacity of the personnel, increase the quality of health services and the medical rehabilitation of the MIA’s employees. In the exercise of its specific responsibilities, the Medical Directorate implements the Government’s health strategy and policy in the field of health provision of all its assisted personnel and of furthering of the reform and modernization process of its own sanitary network.


implements the Romanian Government, MIA and Ministry of Health’s strategy in the field of health provision of assisted personnel, ensuring an unified health concept and strategy;

provides specialized healthcare in all MIA’s units through its own health network, with the aim of enhancing personnel’s health, in order to carry out its assigned tasks;

organizes, coordinates and controls the implementation of the action plans as set out;

drafts, endorses, amends and supplements internal regulatory acts regarding the healthcare activity in the MIA’s network;

reviews annually or whenever necessary, on the basis of medical statistical reports, the state of health of MIA’s personnel, the specific risk factors that impact it and lays down the measures required for the appropriate resolution of the reported cases;

develops, monitors and assesses the implementation of its own health programmes designed to reduce the morbidity, mortality and temporary disablement of the staff, resulting from illnesses of particular significance;

coordinates the entire specialized activity of the expert boards attached to the MIA’s Emergency Hospital “Prof. Dr. Dimitrie Gerota” Bucharest and Emergency Clinical Hospital “Avram Iancu” Oradea, endorses the proposals regarding medical fitness and classification into disability degrees made by the military medical expert boards attached to the military hospitals;

 establishes, as often as necessary, the medical condition of all categories of persons subjected to the control survey, addresses the complaints made against the medical expert boards by the persons concerned or by the Director of the Medical Directorate;

 puts forward for approval measures for medical recovery of MIA’s personnel in its own or Ministry of Health’s specialized facilities;

selects and manages its own human resources and the further and specialist training of its staff;

monitors epidemiological occurrences in MIA, intervening, as appropriate, at the outbreaks of infectious diseases reported;

coordinates, monitors and guides the sanitary and veterinary inspection activities within MIA, in order to prevent negative medical developments;

authorizes and certifies the compliance with sanitary and veterinary regulations of all of MIA’s premises and recommends the withdrawal of the sanitary authorization for those premises where violations of the sanitary legislation are found;

analyses and addresses the requests, complaints and reports concerning medical-sanitary issues addressed to various echelons;

implements the Romanian Government, MIA and Sanitary-Veterinary and Food Control National Authority’s strategy in the field of sanitary-veterinary legislation;

controls and certifies the compliance with the provisions of the sanitary-veterinary legislation in force in all MIA’s units regarding monitoring, prevention and control of animal diseases, the prevention of the transmission of diseases from animals to humans and environment protection, as well as the hygiene of animal food products;

elaborates the strategy of endowment with modern technical means and equipment, ensuring compatibility with the structures of the Member States of the European Union;

cooperates with the colleges of Romanian Physicians, Pharmacists and Veterinarians through its representatives in the central management structures of these professional associations;

through its representatives in the Board of Administration of the Health Insurance House for Defence, Public Order, National Security and Judicial Authority, hereinafter referred to as C.A.S.A.O.P.S.N.A.J., promotes and upholds the interests of MIA and its own assisted personnel;

in cooperation with other MIA’s structures with responsibilities in the area of mobilization or in special circumstances, the Medical Directorate takes measures regarding medical healthcare provision during mobilization or special circumstances, to purchase, storage and resupply, depending on the allocated budget funds, a stock of equipment, instruments, medicines, biological products and consumables for medical use;

• conducts, according to its responsibilities, control, support and guidance activities at the subordinated medical units, according to its own schedule or when ordered by the Ministry’s management, jointly with other specialized structures, to the designated units.


Structures subordinated to the Medical Directorate:

Emergency Hospital “Professor Dr. Dimitrie Gerota” – Bucharest – official website
Emergency Clinical Hospital “Avram Iancu” – Oradea
“Nicolae Kretzulescu” Medical Center for Diagnosis and Ambulatory Treatment Bucharest – official website Medical Center for Diagnosis and Ambulatory Treatment – Ploiesti
Medical Center for Diagnosis and Ambulatory Treatment – Oradea
County medical centers – one in each county, except Prahova, Bihor and Ilfov
counties – located inside the premises of the respective counties police inspectorates’ headquarters.