Minister Ion Marcel VELA awarded the M.I.A. Badge of Honor to the contingent of the Romanian gendarmes in Afghanistan, as a sign of appreciation of their activity in the theaters of operations

During his visit to Afghanistan, earlier this week, at the military base in Kabul, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Ion Marcel VELA, awarded the Honor Badge of the M.I.A. to the gendarmes’ contingent as a sign of appreciation of their activity in the theaters of operations.

The badge was awarded to the commander of the Gendarmes Contingent from Afghanistan, Colonel Ionuţ-Gabriel Cîmpanu, in the presence of the entire detachment, who was congratulated for his professionalism. At the moment, the Minister of National Defense, Nicolae Ionel Ciucă, the Chief of the Defense Staff, Lieutenant General Daniel Petrescu, represented by the leadership of the Romanian Army and other military missionaries in Afghanistan, were present.

Minister Ion Marcel VELA thanked the gendarmes for the way they did their best on duty in one of the hottest places in the world.

On the same occasion, the Minister of Internal Affairs offered the Badge and the emblem of honor with the heraldic sign of the M.I.A. to Mr. Trevor J. Bredenkam, a colonel in the US Army, currently commander of the Train Advice Assist Command – South / TAAC-South, for support offered for the Romanian military participants in carrying out missions in Afghanistan.

At the same time, the commander Trevor J. Bredenkam gave the Minister of Internal Affairs the honorary shield of the South Commandment for Preparation, Counseling and Assistance of the RSM mission and the badge of his unit.

As proof of the Romanian gendarmes’ appreciation, starting from January, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will have the highest level representation in Kabul, within the commandment of the RSM  (Resolute Support Mission) mission in Afghanistan.

Thus, the gendarmes’ colonel Gabriel Dănuț Oanță today received the approval from the M.I.A. to occupy the highest position by a Romanian representative, respectively Deputy Director of the Department of RSM HQ Kabul, a department that will coordinate the entire process of preparing Afghan personnel in the field of internal security forces.

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