Minister Marcel Vela, at the evaluation session of the Border Police activity: ”We have to encourage professionalism, initiative, involvement.”

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Ion Marcel Vela, attended on Monday, February the 17th,  the meeting of evaluation of the Border Police activity for the year 2019, congratulating the activity, the efforts made and the results obtained by each border policeman dedicated to the profession and the country.

On this occasion, the Minister of Internal Affairs stated that he is aware of the challenges and problems faced by the Border Police, both operationally and organizationally, logistically or in human resources, and assured that he would give all the support to find the best solutions and make the activity more efficient.

Speaking about the process of reforming the MIA, which is in the phase of analysis of proposals coming from structures and unions, Marcel Vela said that he enjoys the support of the MIA employees.

“The professionals, the people dedicated to their job, those who feel that they are and should be in the service of the citizen, want a change, they want us to do something to make things geting along, not to stay on the fence waiting. These people are tired of being unfairly criticized in the public space for things that do not depend on them, they are tired of being associated with colleagues who show superficiality or even incompetence or, worse, are engaged in illegal activities.”, said the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Referring to the results obtained by the Border Police in 2019, Marcel Vela stressed upon the fact that behind these results are employees who have made extra efforts and have been permanently involved in solving complex cases of crime fighting.

The evaluation session was attended by the MAI Secretary of State, chief police officer Bogdan Despescu, interim general prosecutor, Bogdan Licu, first deputy director of the Special Telecommunications Service, general-major Ion Bălan, representatives of the  1IA central and territorial structures.


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