Press release

The Hungarian border authorities informed the Territorial Inspectorates of the Oradea and Sighetu-Marmației Border Police that, starting with 02.03.2022, 15.45 (RO time – 3:45 p.m.), at the Romanian-Hungarian border, entry into the territory of Hungary is allowed only to the citizens of the third parties’ states (including Ukrainian citizens or other persons coming from Ukraine) who meet the conditions for entry into the Schengen area.

Thus, a previous provision concerning the entry into Hungary of third-country nationals coming from Ukraine is annulled, in the context of the situation in that country, by which any kind of identity document could be accepted.

Currently, there is a long waiting time at the border crossing points with Hungary, because of the fact that a very large number of cars, people and car dealers are present to carry out border control at the exit from Romania.

We specify that the border formalities at the border with Hungary are carried out jointly with the authorities from the neighboring country, meaning that the supplementation of the control arteries is carried out in agreement with and according to the personnel assigned by the Hungarian Police. The Hungarian authorities have been contacted for joint measures to streamline traffic.

We specify that the Romanian Border Police supplemented the planned personnel to verify the travel documents and ordered all the measures within the competence to ensure an operative control.

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