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„Romania has been going through one of the most difficult periods in recent history for more than two years. Even though it was a challenging time, finally our joint effort was fruitful.

I thank the Romanians for their responsibility, because they understood to respect the rules of health protection and chose to get vaccinated, thus limiting the spreading of the Covid-19 pandemic. I also thank all the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who did their duty for the good of the Romanians. Together we managed to cross through difficult moments, and this attempt will give us the strength to overcome all the challenges that the future holds for us „, said the Minister of Internal Affairs, Nicolae Lucian Bode.

Starting tomorrow, March 9th, this year, at 00.00 a.m., the applicability of the Government Decision no. 171 of February 3rd, 2022 regarding the extending of the state of alert on the territory of Romania and establishing the measures that are to be applied during it to prevent and combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thus, starting with 00.00, ALL restrictions come to end, as well as the restriction or prohibition of certain activities as provided in the said normative act (for example: the obligation to wear protective masks in public spaces, the restriction or prohibition of organizing and conducting rallies, demonstrations, processions, concerts or other types of gatherings, restricting or prohibiting the movement of persons and vehicles in the places and, as the case may be, within the established time intervals, organization of work at home, etc.).

At the same time, at the level of the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the measures regarding the involvement of the local police within the activities carried out by the police units, as well as the operational subordination of the voluntary services for emergency situations and the ambulance services cease to end.

Also, the border crossing points, temporarily closed, totally or partially, during the alert state, will reopen as follows:

– At the Romanian-Hungarian border: Carei – Satu- Mare county

– At the Romanian-Bulgarian border: Lipnița, Dobromir – Constanța county.

We remind you that documents (for example: identity card, driving license) whose validity has been extended during the alert period, will expire after a period of 90 days from the end of the alert status. In this sense, the MIA structures responsible for issuing such documents will inform the citizens on how to issue them so as to avoid congestion at the counters.

Regarding the temporary measures that will remain in force, health protection for the management of the epidemiological situation and limiting the spread of Covid-19, in the context of ending the state of alert, the Ministry of Health is to issue recommendations to the population.

Background information.

In the last two years, more than 22,000 members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have been mobilized daily to manage the effects of the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic. During this period, more than 44 million checks were carried out on individuals and about 2.5 million on legal entities.

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