Press release

Today, May 5th a.c., in the presence of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Lucian Nicolae Bode, and the Secretary of State Aneta Matei, the inauguration ceremony of the prefect of Bucharest and the sub-prefects of Brăila and Suceava counties took place in a videoconference system.

During the ceremony, the three representatives of the Government in the territory took the oath and took over their entrusted functions. „By taking the oath today, you assume a major responsibility for Romania and for Romanians. You represent an elite entity at the level of the Romanian public administration and you are, in my opinion, an important link in the institutional architecture of the Romanian state. Consequently, you must fully assume the constitutional role arising from this function of public dignity, ”the Minister of Internal Affairs said.

The official representative recalled that we are going through a period of multiple challenges, triggered by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and stressed upon the fact that, more than ever, „we need all our involvement, all of us, solidarity and professionalism.”

The Minister of Internal Affairs also drew attention to the importance of collaboration between all responsible institutions, both between the MIA structures and between them and the central and local authorities.

Starting with today, May 5th, 2022, the new prefect of the Capital is Mr. Toni Greblă, Mrs. Virginia-Loredana Badiu holds the position of sub-prefect of Brăila county, and Mr. Florin Sinescu holds the position of sub-prefect of Suceava county.


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