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Today, June 30th, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Lucian Nicolae Bode, participated in the event to present the staff and equipment of the MIA structures that will act this summer on the coast to ensure the public order climate and to manage emergencies.

During the event, the Minister of Internal Affairs stated: “I ask you to focus during your missions upon three main levels of action in your missions: prevention, control and combat. Prevention is essential in your activity, especially when we talk about illegal activities or concerns, specific to crowds and the summer season, such as public events and festivals that take place during the summer. A priority in this regard will be to prevent the trafficking and consumption of banned substances. It is a scourge that has grown, but lately the actions in this field have been intensified and, thus, the events with a large audience have taken place in increased safety for both participants and citizens in general. (…) As for controls, they must be carried out constantly and not only at the beginning of the season, because only in this way will we ensure that we are effective and prevent the occurrence of risk situations that may affect citizens. I want a safe climate in which everyone participates and where citizens are partners in our structures, but those who do not understand this and break the law will have to be detected and sanctioned as such. With regard to combating, I want you to pay special attention to crimes that have a direct impact on citizens. (…) „

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Lucian Nicolae BODE, also paid a working visit to the new Operational Center of the I.P.J. Constanța, emphasizing on this occasion: „For the efficiency of missions, for the first time, in Constanța we have an integrated dispatcher for managing operational moments, where they can carry out their activity, in addition to the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, if the situation requires, and partners the other institutions with attributions in event management. In this dispatcher, real-time images will be received from trucks and helicopters in the field, and from here all activities to maintain public order and peace will be coordinated. Basically, it is a real control room, a center where the information reaches quickly, it will be analyzed efficiently and just as quickly the best way of intervention will be established. I appreciate this approach, I am glad to see that we have present the structures of the Ministry of Interior operating in this county: the police, firefighters, gendarmes, the General Aviation Inspectorate, the border police. Therefore, I believe that you have all the necessary conditions to apply the law, you have the right logistics and an increased number of forces.”

The leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs approved a plan of measures for all structures through which clear objectives and responsibilities are set aimed at fulfilling the most important objective of the MIA forces: the safety of citizens.

In support of the public order forces from Constanța, approximately 460 police officers from other counties are deployed, in two series. At the same time, 400 gendarmes will be present on duty to ensure that tourists will have a safe holiday on the coast.

The mixed patrols of police and gendarmes will have patrol missions in the very crowded areas, on the beaches, in the area of hotels and clubs, but also in the areas where public events are organized in which a large number of people participate.

Also, the traffic police will act on the main arteries to prevent accidents, and on days with a large flow of cars, the police will also benefit from the support of MIA pilots who will fly over the aircraft and transmit real-time information on the ground.

Another measure ordered by the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is that, starting with June 29 this year, in Constanța County, to be operationalized 11 temporary extinguishing points, 8 first aid points and 6 water rescue points. 100 firefighters are seconded in series for 14 days, from other units, in support of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations Constanța.

Every weekend during the summer season, as well as on public holidays, starting with July 1, on the A2 motorway, temporary work points were operationalized to ensure a prompt and efficient response. In these locations will be found firefighting crews with release mode and SMURD ambulances.

Background information:

The 11 temporary extinguishing points: Urluia / Adamclisi, Crucea, Băneasa, Valea Dacilor, Ovidiu, Valu lui Traian, Mamaia Resort, Eforie Nord, Techirghiol, Costinești, Vama Veche.

8 first aid points were operationalized at: Corbu, Mamaia Nord / Năvodari, Mamaia, Eforie Nord, Techirghiol, Costinești, Saturn-Venus and Vama Veche.

The 6 water rescue points: Tomis Tourist Port, Siutghiol-Ovidiu Lake, Siutghiol Lake-UMC Base, Belona-Eforie Nord Port, Mangalia Tourist Port and Techirghiol Lake.

On the A2 motorway, the fire engines will be located at km 19, km 64, km 105 (permanent working point) and km 142 (Fetești Fire Station).

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