Press release

The message of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Lucian Nicolae Bode, on the occasion of the World Refugee’s Day

This year, we are celebrating Refugee Day in a context in which we have among us those who fled the war in Ukraine.

Refugee Day honors the courage and sacrificial spirit of our fellow human beings in difficult situations.

We turn our full attention to those who have to flee from conflict and persecution in order to start a new life where fundamental human rights are respected, in countries where there are premises for a secure future for each person.

This year, unfortunately, the quality of „refugee” took unexpected forms and proportions right on the borders of Romania.

Hundreds of thousands of people crossed Romania’s borders fleeing absurd and unjust aggression, seeking safety, hope for freedom and confidence in a better future for their children.

Romania has shown itself, since the beginning of the opening humanitarian crisis, to receive and support those in difficulty.

Our country has become home in recent years for souls from the farthest corners of, an area where war has brutally invaded the lives of many people.

The fact that in the last 117 days, we were united and in solidarity in the face of the greatest humanitarian and security crisis after the Second World War, is the natural testimony of the institutional maturity of our countries and a fulfillment of Romania’s European and Euro-Atlantic vocation.

Together with our partners, they remain faithful to the fundamental principles and values that formed the basis of the strong economic or military alliances of which Romania is a part, and the defense of people’s rights is a fundamental desideratum of the Euro-Atlantic construction.

Security, hospitality, solidarity – these are the principles that underlie the Romanians’ relationship with refugees today, on Refugee Day, I reiterate our commitment to them!

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