Public Policies Unit


Acting Director – Police Chief-Commissioner Ionuț PĂTRAȘCU


The Public Policies Unit is a specialized body of MIA headquarters, without legal personality, that has, according to law, general jurisdiction in the field of coordination, drafting, monitoring and reviewing public policies and in the field of strategic and budgetary planning of programmes in order to strengthen the management capacity at the level of the Ministry.

The Public Policies Unit functions as a directorate within MIA headquarters and is subordinated to the Minister of Internal Affairs.


 provides counselling, support and methodological guidance to the Ministry’s structures with regard to the drafting of public policies documents;

implements, at the level of the Ministry, the package of methods and procedures required to draft public policies documents;

supervises, at the level of the Ministry, the compliance with the procedures for drafting, monitoring and assessing public policies;

 coordinates the consulting and endorsement process for public policies documents, according to the legal procedures;

 cooperates with the Directorate for Coordinating Policies and Programmes within the Government General Secretariat in the process of enacting public policies documents drafted at the level of the Ministry;

 gathers and analyses monitoring and assessment reports on public policies initiated and implemented at the level of the Ministry;

 performs studies and analyses of public policies documents that need to be drafted and implemented in the field of MIA’s responsibilities;

 organizes briefings and debates, as well as workshops, with the actors involved in the process of drafting, implementing, monitoring and assessing public policies documents;

 implements, at the level of the Ministry, the package of methods for strategic and financial planning of programmes;

 takes part, according to the law, to the analysis and approval of externally financed projects drafts in order to align their objectives with the institutional strategical needs and objectives;

compiles the institutional strategic plan based on the proposals of the Ministry’s specialized structures;

 drafts monitoring reports on the stage of implementation of the objectives included in the Strategical Plan of the Ministry and assessment reports on the results subsequently submitting them to the Ministry’s management;

 drafts MIA’s budgetary programmes and submits regular analyses and reports on their implementation stage;

drafts and submits to the Ministry’s management and, if needed, to the Ministry’s College, whenever necessary, analyses, surveys and reports relevant to its area of responsibility.


Audience schedule:

12.00 – 14.00 hrs. on Thursdays