MAI’s responsibilities in the home affairs area

  • It sets measures for safeguarding human fundamental rights and liberties, as well as for protecting the public and private property;
  • It organizes and develops, through specialized structures, activities for preventing and countering terrorism, organized crime, illicit drug trafficking and consumption, trafficking in persons, illegal migration, cybercrime, as well as other crimes and antisocial deeds, according to the law;
  • Organizes, guides and coordinates the activities meant to protect persons, goods, objectives and values, and organizes the guard of special importance objectives which come within its jurisdiction, according to the law;
  • Ensures, according to its responsibilities, the investigation activities regarding the deeds provided by the criminal law;
  • Organizes the witness protection activity;
  • Requests different information, data and documents from public authorities, natural or legal persons, in order to fulfil the responsibilities provided by, and within the limits of, the law; it can grant rewards the natural persons who support the ministry to fulfil its tasks, from the funds specifically established, under certain conditions set by order of the minister of internal affairs;
  • Ensures the enforcement of Romania’s state border regime;
  • Draws up and uses the National Register of Weapons and Criminal Records;
  • Sets up and uses the National System of Aliens Records; ensures the enforcement of the foreigners’ legal regime in Romania;
  • Ensures the creating, selection, storekeeping, conservation and use of documents from the National Archives Fund;
  • Organizes and ensures the psychological exams and medical insurances necessary for specific missions;
  • Leads the activity of intelligence and internal protection;
  • Guides and monitors the prefect’s activity, in accordance with the tasks provided by the Governing Programme;
  • Through the subordinate specialty structures it ensures the enforcement of the strategy and Governing Programme in the areas relating to the management of public function and public servants, the specialized professional training in the activity relating to persons’ record, as well as to preventing and tackling civil emergency situations;
  • Sets up and operates the National Computerised System of the Persons’ Record.

Legal framework:

Government Emergency Ordinance No 30/2007 on the organization and functioning of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, approved with amendments by Law No 15/2008, with subsequent amendments;

Government Decision No 416/2007 on the organizational structure and staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with subsequent amendments;

Order of the MIA No. 120/2010 for the approval of the Internal Order Regulation in the directorates-general/directorates of the Headquarter of the Ministry of Administration and Interior