Freedom of information

Law No.544 – Requests for information

For requesting public information on Ministry of Internal Affairs, according to the legal provisions of Romanian Freedom of Information Act (Law No. 544 of 12 October 2001 on free access to public information, as amended as supplemented), please contact Information and Public Relations Directorate – Public Information Department.

Designated persons

Police Chief – Commissioner Ileana Lupu


Telephone: 0040(0)

From Monday to Friday 0800 – 1600

How to file a complaint

Should anyone feel his/ her right to free access to public information has been violated, they can file an administrative complaint to the leadership of that particular public authority/ institution where the request was filed, in compliance with the relevant legislation in operation (art.21, pgph.2 – Law No. 544 on the free access to public information, as amended as supplemented, and art.32-35 from Methodological norms for the application of Law no. 544/2001 on the free access to public information, approved by GD no. 123/2002, amended and supplemented by GD 478/2016. Administrative complaint form can be found in Annex 5 and Annex 6 of the above-mentioned Methodological norms.

Should the plaintiff feel that his or her rights has been violated once more, they can file a complaint to the law court which is nearest to his residence or to the particular public authority/ institution, as provided by art.22 pgph.1 of Law no. 544/2001, with the subsequent modifications and additions, and art. 36 of the Methodological Norms of Law no. 544/2001, approved by GD no. 123/2002, supplemented and modified by GD 478/2016