General Directorate for Relations with the Prefectures


General Director – Teodor Iulian GHEORGHE

Deputy General Director – Corneliu ALEXANDRU

Deputy General Director – Ciprian-Daniel BUCUR


The General Directorate for Relations with the Prefectures is the specialized structure of the MIA headquarters, without legal personality, responsible for the monitoring, methodological guidance and coordination of the activity of prefects, sub-prefects and Prefectures’ personnel.


Its main responsibilities (established in accordance with the Minister of Internal Affairs’ Order no. 164/2016 on the approval of the Regulation for the organization and functioning of the General Directorate for Relations with the Prefectures):

 monitors the activity of the prefects, sub-prefects and Prefectures’ personnel regarding the exercise of their responsibilities stipulated in normative acts and the performances of the duties assigned by the Government or the Ministry’s management;

 carries out methodological guidance activities by providing the reference framework for the implementation of specific legislation in a coherent and cohesive manner at the level of the Prefectures;

 coordinates certain activities of the specialized structures within the Prefectures;

 processes information on how to approach issues in different sectors of activity of the Prefectures;

 performs the implementation of the activities set out for “Stage A” of the Natural Disaster Risk Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness Project, the implementation of the projects carried out at the level of the Directorate General, as well as providing technical advice for the projects with external funding implemented at the level of the Prefectures;

 With reference to the monitoring responsibilities, the General Directorate organizes and carries out the following activities at the level of Prefectures:

a) legality verification of the administrative provisions issued or adopted by the local public administration authorities and the notification of the administrative litigation authority, should such documents be deemed illegal;
b) managing activities in the field of deconcentrated public services;
c) implementation of administrative procedures in the prefect’s relations with the local public administration authorities;
d) observing the legal status of local autonomy;
e) use of the centralized Interoperable System for the record of the Apostille issued by the Prefectures for official administrative acts.

 In the field of methodological guidance and coordination, the main responsibilities of the General Directorate, to be coherently and cohesively implemented by the prefects, consist of:

a) duties provided for in the specific legislation on the organization and conduct of local, parliamentary, presidential and European elections, as well as the national referendum;
b) monitoring the meeting of the objectives set out in the Government Programme, public policies and strategies, at the county level or for the municipality of Bucharest, as the case may be;
c) duties assigned by the Government or the Ministry’s management following videoconferences with the prefects.

 On the processing of data and information received from the Prefectures, the General Directorate has the main responsibilities of:

a) drafting debriefs, overviews, memorandums, analyses and reports on various topics in their area of responsibility, on the basis of prefects-provided data; b) analysing the issues faced by the prefects, in their capacity as chairpersons of county committees for emergency situations, for subsequent debriefing of the management of the General Directorate;
The General Directorate also exercises other duties as follows:
a) preparing and drawing up the Government’s draft decisions for the appointment and dismissal of prefects and sub-prefects, as well as for modifying their employment relationships;
b) verification of normative orders issued by the prefects, with subsequent recommendations submission according to the legal provisions;
c) contributing to the drafting of replies to the inquiries and questions addressed to the Prime Minister of Romania and to the Minister by the members of the Romanian Parliament, in its field of responsibility;
d) participation in the drawing up of draft laws, ordinances and decisions of the Government, of other normative acts regarding the activity of the Prefectures as well as the Ministry’s one in relation to them;
e) follow-up on the issues notified by petitioners and formulating replies, according to the law, to the petitions of citizens and non-governmental organizations addressed to the General Directorate or the Ministry and assigned to the Directorate General by the Ministry’s management board for resolution.

Contact details:

Address: Piata Revolutiei no. 1, sector 1, Bucharest
Phone: 021.316.36.76
Fax: 021.316.36.54