All Member States chair the Council of the European Union for periods of six months on the basis of an agreed timetable. The Member States holding the Presidency work together in groups of three, called the „trio”. Romania was part of the Romania – Finland –  Croatia trio.

The Romanian Presidency of the EU Council (PRES) took place in the first six months of 2019.

The main tasks of the Presidency of the EU Council are:

a) managing the legislative process and institutional policy of the Council.
b) negotiating with the European Parliament, on behalf of the Council, of legal acts and political documents under ordinary legislative procedure, called co-decision.
c) representing the Council in relations with other EU institutions, third countries, with EU citizens, NGOs, etc.

At national level, the coordination of PRES preparation and exercise activities is ensured by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs trough the Minister Delegate for European Affairs.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will chair the Presidency of Justice and Home Affairs Council. It will participate in the national coordination of all the activities during the preparation and exercise the PRES and will ensure the public order and security measures for all activities carried out in Romania in this context.

Thus, through its representatives, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will ensure the drafting and implementation of PRES Program, will guide the EU legislative process, will prepare, conduct or finalize, as the case may be, European files, conclusions and working documents of the Council or of the Presidency, will represent the European Union Council and will negotiate with the European Parliament and the European Commission, will organize Council meetings and other bilateral and multilateral meetings.

At the Ministry of Internal Affairs level, preparations for the organization of PRES started at the beginning of 2016.

In this respect, a series of programmatic documents were drafted and approved, on the basis of which specific activities were initiated in order to organize the PRES.

Also, the Coordination Committee of the preparations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to exercise the Presidency of the EU Council was established, consisting of all the MIA structures, with responsibilities in the field.

A successful Presidency depends to a large extent on the people who will contribute to the goals set. In this respect, the Ministry of Internal Affairs representatives who, during the PRES, will hold the functions of presidents, vice-presidents of working groups and their reserves, file-coordinators and experts, communicators and experts responsible for organizing PRES, were established. For all these categories of personnel involved in organizing and running the PRES,   centralized training programs took place.

Also, the priorities and dossiers in the field of home affairs, as well as the events that will be organized in Romania during the Presidency of the EU Council were established.

Particular attention was paid to the discussions with the trio partners, as well as with the representatives of the General Secretariat of the Council, with whom the Ministry of Internal Affairs representatives had a series of working meetings, that will continue during this year.

The organization of the Presidency will be a continuous and intense effort. In this respect, the Ministry of Internal Affairs aims to ensure an efficient and professional PRES, in its areas of competence.

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