Secretary of State dr. Raed ARAFAT


DEPARTMENT FOR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS(DSU) is the operational unit of MAI, running as an unincorporated units, which at the national level co-ordinates the activities related to preventing and tackling emergency situations, to ensuring and coordinating human, material and financial resources which are necessary to restore normality after risk situations. It also coordinates the professional medical assistance and first-aid activities carried out in the Emergency Rooms and Compartments until the patients reach the hospital. This department coordinates – at the operational level – territorial ambulance services, Emergency Rooms, called therein UPU/CPU.

Subordinate units of DSU:

   General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations

   General Inspectorate for Aviation of MAI (operations for emergency situations management)

   General Directorate for Monitoring, Operation Control and Inspection of Ambulance Services and
UPUs/ CPUs activity.

   Directorate for Medical Assistance (in coordination)


 The department coordinates the operational activity of the territorial ambulance services, UPU/CPU, and the Salvamont services;

 It provides the technical secretariat for the Inter-Ministerial Commission for Technical Support (CIMST), which is organized and runs as an inter-ministerial body, aiming to coordinate (planning, running and financing) the activities related to the National System of Emergency Medical Assistance and First Aid, as well as the professional services for emergency situations;

 The Department monitors the operational activity of the units it coordinates on a regular basis;

 The technical conditions and the operative organization of Salvamont services develops based on the protocols signed between the county inspectorates for emergency situations and the local public administration authorities which include this type of services, with the approval of the Department.


Address: 1A Piaţa Revoluţiei, Bucharest, sector 1
Phone 004(0)21.312.25.47
MAI Switchboard: 004(0)21.303.70.80
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