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Online contact platform for public relations

MAI has launched on the institution’s website ( a contact platform for public relations, through which citizens can send online petitions directly to the ministry or the main subordinate institutions.

Intuitive and easily accessible, the platform welcomes applicants with a dynamic interface.

A separate section is intended for opinions or suggestions regarding the activity of MIA employees or the specific regulatory area of MIA.

The platform provides information on the general responsibilities of the ministry’s structures, so that citizens who wish to submit petitions online can go directly to the competent institution, thus receiving a response as soon as possible. Petitions submitted using online forms will be registered automatically, the petitioners receiving, at the indicated email address, the registration number, immediately after sending the petition.

Also, the contact platform includes sections of frequently asked questions for the main fields of activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), a series of preventive recommendations, but also the possibility to access a TELVERDE line of advice through which information on the status of submitted petitions, competencies of our structures and their contact details data can be obtained.

When accessing TELVERDE, the activating disclaimer provides applicants with information to facilitate the use of this section.

The platform can be accessed at Contact section.

The MIA website is one of the most accessed institutional sites, with an average of approximately 4,800 visitors / day.

In 2021, at the level of the Central Apparatus of the Ministry of Interior, 15,733 petitions were managed.

In the first five months of this year, the General Secretariat Directorate received 6,800 petitions, of which 5,122 were sent online, by e-mail, representing over 75% of the total petitions received. This is an additional reason that led the Ministry of Internal Affairs to develop the way of online interaction with citizens.

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